Pallet Tower [2013-34]

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By using the modules of a standard NZ pallet (1200mmX1000mmX140mm) you could simply join the modules with bolts, screws, plates, angled brackets, T brackets, nails, and strip braces. Structural uplift is minimized by placing sand bags on the sub-platform compartment. Lateral instability would be resolved by the use of strip braces across selected module-combinations. The cantilevered storage area is secured as the module combination adheres to the 2/3 structural principle, plus the assistance of angled brackets. Essentially, the structure is strong due to the combination of turns and low centre of gravity. It is easily buildable due to the simple (and re-usable) joinery and its simple modular methodology.ThePalletTower-2013-34-A3_pdf_Page_1-small ThePalletTower-2013-34-A3_pdf_Page_2-small ThePalletTower-2013-34-A3 PDF

20 thoughts on “Pallet Tower [2013-34]

  1. Natacha Tcholakian

    A very good idea. Simple, with use of recycled material and less damage for the nature. Is also safe and affordable. I believe the idea can be easily applied in real life.

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