Seven Summits [2015-50]

Seven Summits arises through the grounds of Methven to replicate the beautiful aesthetic of the mountain summits in the horizon. Not only a bus shelter, but Seven Summits provides a space for communities to gather with one another through an engaging environment. A community garden brings together people of multiples ages and interests, thus bonding the small town of Methven and creating a future of innovation and entrepreneurship. The main goal of Seven Summits was to create a space that would be able to interact with environment and also to link that connection with the people of Methven. Each peak tells a different story, therefore the heights were altered so that this could be signified. The stone walls represents structure and safety, helping block the cold winds of the south and furthermore the strong gusts of the north.

2015-50 SevenSummits Feature image-small

2015-50 SevenSummits2-image-small 2015-50 SevenSummits-image-small

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