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2012 Entrants to the Sustainable Habitat Challenge
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Overview of all entries here

The Reading Room – Lauren

The East Wave – Olivia

The Akordian Centre – Aaron McMillan

Show Modular Flexibility – Susan Preston

Show Live+Work=Dwell – Kate Anderson

DECO Shelter – Catherine Smith

Canvas Community Centre – Courtney


Wishing Wall – BAGUIS01

Why See – Bell, Atanasov, Singh

Unity – singh, samson, delcarpio, delacruz

TheTransforming Expo Centre – Hayley Shaw

The Need – Kaite Byrnes & Peta smith

The Amp – Remix – Nacario, Demegillo, Afon, Jung

Tensegrity – Eric&Sam

Temporary Structure – BRIAR.S DANIELLE.P

Stagedome – JAP – Jody, Aseel, Paloma

Scala – Jack, Juan, Luiz

Rope Building – jinao, sha, shivneel, khalid

Public Pod – Tamsin, Nimesh and Tom

Portable Music Hub – Amanda Delahunt

Outdoor Dance – Brita Gabbie Natasha

Open Your Mind – Misfits – Turab,Tom,Taylor

Show Nomadic Design – Jordan Robinson

Look Up! – ChloeC,SamR,Lana

lawson peacokbeaton – art project

Information Station – Rosa Thomas

ConcertAndMore – Jas_Sam_Joanna_Walter

Compact Bach – Rozy Kirk

10Studio – Jakob McDermott