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The Sustainable Habitat Challenge (ShaC 09) is a national collaborative project for teams around New Zealand to design, develop, and build sustainable housing in their local community. Its aim is to make ideas and methods for low-energy, low-resource housing a reality for New Zealand. By building better homes, SHAC Teams are showing that a more sustainable life is practical, achievable and desirable.

SHAC recognises that today’s students, researchers, educators, planners and trade and industry professionals are vital to our shift towards sustainable living. This project will provide a stimulating framework for research and develop new practices – both inside and outside universities and polytechnics – by drawing on the combined strengths of those in our communities.

The SHAC Brief for Teams

SHAC Teams must report on the SHAC Judging Criteria, Beacon Pathways High Standard of Sustainability, and be assessed by the EECA Home Energy Rating Scheme (HERS)

SHAC Brief for Teams and Judging Criteria

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